Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mar. 4th, 2010: Spring is Here Soon

Well spring in almost here again!! And man Have I been waiting for this for a while. I never did get out of the gym or dojang much to do other sports this winter, but now with Spring & Summer ahead no sesse on dwelling on the things I didn't do.

Since Spring is quickly approaching and the weekend weatehr looking great, I am going to get my bike out of storage and tune it up for a quick ride around town.  Plus the srping cleaning and landscaping begin soon, since I just moved into a new place, there is lots to do in that dept.

And now that the good weather has been arrving the gym is buzzing with anticipation to when we can throw the big door open and just work out without the heater on. This weekend begins the parking lot training series for a weeks. Which essentially means we work out in the parking lot doing sprints, box jumps, body weight excercises, and cones. Not to mention the new gym TIRE coming this year and half court Basketball area.

Soon also begins the new season of biking to work, I am very much looking forawrd to getting out and getting in shape and training for that Triathlon. Also It keeps me in better Tae Kwon-Do condition.

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