Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th, 2010

Well spring is now officially here, but the weather got cold again. Either way it is still going to be a nice spring I think.

Well the Annual TKMD Championships are being held in Kitchener this week and I was hoping to attend and compete, but I hurt my neck a few days ago and wont be able to. I do however have some students competing, so I will focus on helping them and helping around at the tournament with whatever needs to be done.

IN a few weeks my neck will be ok and I will be able to start training again, and just in time for the warm weather that is supposed to return soon I hope.

My Birthday was a few days ago and my wife informed me that she bought me a BAS Body Action System, but it won't be here until tomorrow or Monday. But I am super excited to be able to try this out and use it daily, not to mention take the stand and the arms to my TKMD class for my students to practice kicking on!

So stayed tuned for pictures and a review of the BAS Body Action System

And also for Pictures of how we did at Tournament!

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