Friday, November 13, 2009

One Day till Tournament

Tournament is tomorrow ! So far my Candle Practice has not turned out very well. However it is not totally my fault, the wood sword I am using is larger and heaveir than the one I practiced with, making it harder to snap back, so I am going to the main school to attempt to borrow/buy one, so that I have it for practicing with. Other than that my practice and prep is going quite well, I have been practicing my pattern for a while, and need one clarification regarding type of block from Master Oh, other than that it should be good enough to win 1st, and if not 2nd. Running Jumping High is going well, Although I belive my opponent Ryan to be capable of Kicking Higher than me (cause he is a super lanky tall jumping skeletal phenom) I am confident he can not break the board at a level any higher than I can on a good day, I hope tomorrow is a good day. I am going to Black Belt Class tonight and will practice it there after a good stretch. Lastly my self Defence are going as predicted: WELL. I have to come up with one more, maybe 2 over today/tonight and I am good. Depending on My competition tomorrow, I should place 1st. Even though I really wanted to compete in the free form competition I am no where near ready for that challenge, nor is my partner Tyler, whom would probably end up slightly hurt upon the finish of that, So I will wait one more year and get my body into better reaction shape before I enter that competition. Also m yMartial Supply Company has made a recent deal to be an Official Distributer in Canada for FITDECK (, which is an awesome fitness playing card deck/workout system
and with 8 Full Sized Deck (56 cards) & 25 Booster Decks (15-26 cards) It is sure to give you a great wokrout that you never get bored of, just mix and match any of the decks of cards together and draw 10-15 and perfor mteh excercises, or try to get through the whole deck, or challenge a friend! Any way you use them, you are sure to get a great workout!

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