Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov. 9th, 2009: 5 Days till Tournament

Well tournament is 5 days away and I have found out there is no sparring divison for me(black betl division), so I do not have to train for that. Which is probably a good thing, due to so little time spent preparing for that part of the competition. This tournament's focus for Black Belts is percision! We have a patterns division which is standard, I am going to do Gwang-Gae Hyung, as that is my best pattern at this level. After Patterns we have our free five self defence which is something that I generally excel at, so I am going to just go over the techniques I have and perfect them, I hope my defence partner Tyler doesn't mind the repeated tuning of these!!!

After that there are 3 special divisions that we can enter, although I think I am going to only enter 2 of them. The 3 events are Running Jumping High Kick Breaking Event, the 3 Candle Sword Snuff & the Free Form self defence event. I am going to enter the Sword and Kick, not sure about Self Defence yet!

This past Friday I received all of the details of the tournament and began to practice my sword, I was able to put out the candle a few times! After that we worked on a bunch of body excercises from the Golgulsa Temple in Korea, mostly juts slow moving in odd positions to work the body, like balancintg and turn ing with your leg straight out to the side, etc. It was very challenging and fun too, man were my legs sore afterwards!

After a Great Friday night class, the weekend was spent finishing up the move into my new house and having the house warming party on Sat., which is exactly the reason I did not train on Sunday.

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