Friday, October 16, 2009

Korea Trip: Day 3 Training Oct. 10th, 2009

Well today we were up early and on our way at 9am. Coffee from the Lobby and a donut from Master Oh, which had a bean paste filling in it which was really good, was breakfast, as we all piled into the Rental Van for our Trip to the Martial Arts Supply store, my favourite stop so far. I wanted to buy the whole store, but I ended up settling for a few fun items instead. The First 2 were a chain whip & throwing stars, which are prohibited back home so I could not buy any, even though I wanted to.

But after playing with them for a while, I did buy 2 Wood Swords with Scabbards and a collection of throwing knifes while I was there, which are perfectly legal here at home.


After spending the morning shopping for M.A. Equipment and traveling to and from the store we had to head over to our 2pm Inner Power class, today was learning how to move the stored energy around the body. Unfortunately that is when I received a phone call regarding a family emergency and from there had to make arrangements to fly home early. So I was unable to participate in that class, but Mr. Speers did and will show me when he returns on the 18th

So after packing and arranging a new flight home, Grandmaster Oh and I met Master Oh and Mr. Speers at the Gum-do school where they were just finishing up the last half of the class.

 Even though I had no uniform on I did get to participate. So we learned on the the 2 man attacking/defending patterns for Gum-do using the bamboo swords, man is it hard when moving forward, and backwards trying to get foot work and hand work right whilst having to block a sword coming at your head/knees. After going though that pattern with everyone as our opponents, we were treated to a full speed demonstration of the 7 patterns by 2 pairs of the Black Belt students (oldest one was 17), after doing those 7 they did a few double swords patterns, which were amazing to watch, I mean the co-ordination, speed, etc. was amazing. I also think that the sounds of 2 Bamboo swords striking together is my new favourite sound!

From there we drove to the hotel and I grabbed my bags and we went off to the airport, after getting checked in for my flight, we all went and had a meal together, which was veg., clams, rice, etc mixed together, and was great stuff. After that I went through Security to await my return flight to Canada, it was an early exit from My Korea Trip, but with a family issues and myself also being sick and not 100% the whole time, it was time to return home.

But Korea, I will be Back..........

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