Friday, October 16, 2009

Korea Trip: Day 2 Training Oct. 9th, 2009

Today we awoke at 10:30am, a late start, but after leaving the restaurant at 3:30am this morning it seemed like a good idea.

After a shower and a quick cup of coffee (which actually was a package of premixed Nescafe, it was pretty good) We met Master Oh in the hall and went to meet Grandmaster Oh at the restaurant for breakfast.

It was the same restaurant we ate our first meal when we arrived. And we also had the same thing, the spicy tofu soup, which was less spicy this time so was therefore even better than the first time I had it.

From there it was off to Inner Power Training at the Sword/Inner Power School

Upon arriving for Inner power class we sat with the master and had some tea as he explained what we were going to be learning, from there we changed into our uniforms and began.

First stage was for for us to remove our belts so they would not hinder breathing. Second was for the Master to gauge how much Inner Power we had, he could do this be feeling it in our Ki ups, as we could as well feel it through the floor. From there he taught us stage one of the exercises which was how to build your inner power in 105 Days to full if you practice everyday for at least an 1hr, Stage one of the inner power was how to build to energy through a series of postures, breathing, and hand motions. This is very hard to do, as your body most be completely taught at one point, to prevent any leakages of power. Anyway after 2 hours of going over the postures I am sweating from head to toe, and my arms and body are a bit sore, but I feel incredible, I can breath deeper and feel much better than I did before, I can imagine the results after the 105 Days.

Well after Inner Power Training we went out to get some lunch. We went to a Korean Fast Food place, which is more like a diner than a fast food joint, and we had won ton soup, it was so good.

After our late Lunch we went back to the hotel for a bit and then packed our gear up for a quick dinner with the Gumdo Master and his family, and the inner power master at a Korean Seafood Restaurant. And all the fish restaurants there had Tanks right out side to keep there fish in, talk about fresh!

While there I had scallops, and shrimp, octopus, fish of some kind, eel, misc. other stuff, all really good

After the meal we had to rush over to our 9:30pm Hapkido class, good thing I did not stuff myself at dinner. We were a few minutes late arriving and rushed in to get our uniforms on, after changing we immediately joined into the line and began our shoulder rolling, and then jumping shoulder rolling, followed by extreme jumping rolling which I can't do, and then cart wheels and back stands, and multiple other tumbling techniques.

After that we broke off into groups and worked an misc. other things , My Instructor Mr. Speers and myself worked with Master Hyeon on our jumping handspring tech. and walking on our hands, and a bit on our shoulder rolls, and cartwheels, which are really hard to do after 22 years of not attempting.  I still can't get the jumping shoulder roll right!

Well after class we went back to the hotel and met another 2 Masters (Master Park & not sure the other Master's Name) After meeting them, we returned to our room and got some sleep, tomorrow was coming up quickly

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