Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Korea Trip: Day 1 Arrival Oct. 8th, 2009

Oct. 8, 2009 @ 1:40 am Korea time

Our flight arrived 1hr early, and after some waiting around for the rental car guy we were finally on our way to the hotel, it has been a long day but is not over yet!

Once we arrived at the hotel in Incheon, we had a few minutes to get our stuff together and then went out to enjoy our first Korean Meal, a spicy tofu soup not far from our hotel.... I must say I did not think I would enjoy tofu but this was great, although a bit spicy for my tastes, but it was still good!

From there it was still only around 7-8am so we went to Spa World in Incheon, which was a huge and amazing bath house, although a bit weird at first, due to the fact that it is a large public bathhouse, one section for men and the other for women. First things first was to not be shy, since it is a regular thing to bath all in one big room together, so after the initial shock of being in a room full of naked men, it was quite comfortable. Now this spa was really cool, lots of hot showers and 3 hot tubs all different temperatures to relax in. Also there was a smaller Cold water pool, and I mean cold, also there was a large jet pool filled with Salt water which is supposed to be good for your skin, and on top of that there were 2 saunas, one at normal temperature and the next was like ultra hot sauna set at like almost 100 degrees C, needless to say, I could only stand in it for like 45 seconds before having to get out it was so hot.
SO after a few hours of soaking and relaxing at the spa we went to do some sight seeing down by the water ways.

While there we saw so many fresh fish restaurants and tons of fishing boats getting ready to go out.

Also we saw a bunch of people fishing from the docks with these huge rods, not only did we see them fishing but we actually saw the one guy catch an Eel, which I did end up trying the next night, and was quite good!


We also went to a giant seafood sorting facility/market type place, where there were thousands of crabs

After the sight seeing we returned to our room for a much needed 4 hour nap.

After our Nap we went and grabbed some food, we had the Pork Cutlet it was really good, topped the list of favorite foods of Korean Kids! After our meal it was back to the hotel to grab our uniforms for some training!

We then went to a Hapkido Training school (the location of Friday’s Demo) and met the Master of the club. His classes were over for the day, so after giving him a gift and chatting with him for a bit we went to another Hapkido school (7pm korea time), from there we met another Hapkido Master and after speaking with him for a bit and scheduling a class for later that evening, we had time to visit his brothers hapkido/sword school, so of we went to meet him.

From there we returned back to Master Hyeon's school for a 1hr class @ 9:30pm. tumbling & rolling. Man can these guys roll, it was crazy the were jumping high enough to clear my head standing and then just rolling out of the jump, and yes we did try to keep up but were not able to do what they did, although we did ok for not being complete Hapkido students.

After the class we met with the Master's we had been training with, as well as Master Lee the Gum-Do Master, whom Jeremy stayed with when he was there, and the Inner Power Master to go out for a meal together, Which was great, except the Skate Ray, man I never thought fish would taste like floor cleaner! At the meal we had a few drinks of Soju which is like Saki, but not completely.

During Dinner I learned, what our uniform patch means/symbolizes, what the Canadian Tae Kwon Moo Do Federation patch means/symbolizes, what the 4 levels of martial arts abilities are are, and why we wear a white uniform transitioning to being a mostly black one but never fully black. Well after Hours of chatting and drinking, we left the restaurant (3:30am) and returned to the hotel for sleep. Not only did I learn a lot of information about why we do certain things, I learned about our School's Martial Arts Lineage, which made me even more proud and honored to be a part of GM Oh's school

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