Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Back in Shape in 16 Weeks - Introduction

Ever since my Hernia injury, I have not done any serious training. I spend the majority of my time working behind a desk at my day job, and then teaching Tae Kwon-Do at night. Now I do move around and get some physical benefits to the time I spend teaching, but it is not enough to get back into the shape I was previous to my injury.

So after a long period of neglect I put body through, I have decided it is time to change! To be Healthier, Stronger, and More Physically able! To set an example to my students that they should never stop training.

One of the obstacles that has prevented my from re-starting my training is the fear of my Hernia getting worse. When it originally happened the Dr. said it was to small to find on the ultrasound and therefore they couldn't;t fix it. Now it was acting up or protruding at the time, so there was never any way to fix it, therefore every now and then when I bend or twist or exert my self, the hernia pops and it is incredibly painful.

Now I do plan on having myself re-examined to see if there is any change in size, etc. or if the Doctor can even see anything on the ultrasound. But until then the plan is to take things nice and easy, and make small steps of progress towards my goal.

My Current Goal is to get back down under 200lbs, and to around 17% Body Fat. I am giving my self close to 16 weeks to complete my goal, which I think I adequate amount of time, but I may be wrong.
During this time I am going to chronicle my experience here.


1st Step will be to record my current statistic and devise a training plan, will gradually increase the workout intensity and frequency.

2nd Step will be to make lifestyle and diet changes, which will be hard as I enjoy Food and Booze!

3rd Step will be to find ways to keep Motivated, as I find that is the toughest part. Especially since I  work out alone most of the time.

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