Monday, September 28, 2009

Training Weekend Details

Well training weekend went by this year and it was a fun time. Most of our trianing was related to goodies we had brought up with us, 2 items from Nine Directions ( and the rest were provided by CW Martial Arts Supply (

We started the day with the modern Shuko Hand Claws, which were somewhat uncomfortable to wear for people with larger hands, but great for small to med. sized hands. I did not find these modern designed ones great for climbing except, up steep rack faces, where the claws could hook in, the angle on the claws themselves seems to be off, as well as they could be a bit sharper.

From there we tested a variety of Bokken and Shinai, this was a great time, my favorites being the 2 shinai and the ninja bokken, however the ninja bokken could have been a bit heavier.
After Bokken testing was done, and the shinai's were all worked in, we decided to try the tools from Nine Directions, the Kyoketsu-Shoge was an interesting tool consisting of a short multi-bladed , slightly edged hand weapon attached to a long rope with a huge Iron ring on the other end of the rope. What a great weapon, although I found the iron ring to be a bit big. This weapon was great for distance and close range attacks as well as for tangling up enemies, so you can move in for a kill shot. Great Tool, as well as beautiful collection piece! Highly Recommended!

Next was the Kawa Kagi, which was, well a steel dragon claw type weapon attached to a long piece of rope, good for entangling and distance striking, and also with assisting in climbing, although a more suitable rope would need to be attached for climbing. I really enjoyed this tool, it was well weighted for combat and seemed to fit me well, Although I would have liked to see the claws a bit sharper on the ends, and maybe a reverse talon on the other side, to help it hook around the rope when tangling an opponent. Even without any changes this is a devastating striking tool, from close range and distance! And also being that it is Hand Made (like all Nine Directions Products) it also makes a nice collection piece as well.

So for closing I say why not combine the 2 weapons/tools ?????

I have my friend working on that right now, and will get back to you with the finished product when it is done in a few months!

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