Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Labour Day Weekend

Today is the first day back to work after labour day and it was a great weekend.

Friday was a great evening, my friend Matt whom runs www.ninedirections.com came by with a box full of freshly forged tools (weapons) to see and test out. Most impressive of the bunch where the Shuko (Ninpo Hand Claws), while these were unfinished units they were solidly built and well balanced for climbing, as well as any hand strikes you can think of!

The rest of the weekend was spent training for the upcoming Terry Fox Run in Fergus on Sept. 13th, 2009. It is only 10km and I am going to be biking it, I am making sure I can do it as quickly as possible. So Monday was a 22km ride around Fergus, it was an exhausting ride, but a fun and quite relaxing, The Trans Canada Trail in the Fergus/Elora Area is a great trail system for all kinds of outdoor activities!

Back to Class tomorrow night for teaching and Training. Looking forward to that. Feels like a long time since last week. I also will be attending a class at the Head School this Thursday instead of going to the gym or riding. This will be a chance to work on, what ever it is, my demonstration for Korea. We will be doing a few of them while we are there.

So this week I will updating on Equipment I am testing, and my preparation for the Terry Fox Run, also I will update on my demonstrations as soon as I know what they are!

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