Tuesday, September 1, 2009

35 Days till Korea & 32 Days till Black Belt Testing

Well there is only 35 Days until the Korea Trip, and on top of that I have a Black Belt Testing to prepare for in 32 days. I am not to concerned about the testing, but still have to train hard over the next month for it. It will be a good test, I have to do a few patterns, some self defense, breaking, and sparring.

So to get ready for testing. I am going to use the following Alternating Routine,

Day A:
Wake, stretch, bike to work
GYM for Tae Kwon Do workout
-run each pattern 10 times
-if have partner then free 5 self defense
-Conditioning Training
-Sparring and Interval Cardio
Go to Tae Kwon Do Class

Day B:
Wake, stretch, bike to work
GYM for workout
-TKD: Foundations, Kicking, Patterns, Sparring

So I will do these days twice a week, show Day A is M & W, Day B is Tues. & Thursday.
Starting in 2 weeks on Fridays black belt classes will resume. Saturdays are usually A light Body weight circuit at the gym, followed by some kind of activity, usually biking, running, swimming, or playing a different sport. And Sunday is the Day of Rest, or supposed to be, you don't get much rest playing with toddlers!

This routine if followed properly should be able to get me ready for the Korea trip as well!

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